Monday, May 11, 2009

Red Clover, move on over

Since I live on a corner lot there are two parking strips I maintain. The main strip is on the busy road that brings everyone down to the's grass.

Then there is the other parking strip, where no one can park. I decided a few years ago to plant wildflowers here and just let them do what they do naturally.

Grow wild.

The first and most abundant flowers that show up in the spring are these red clovers. There are hundreds and hundreds of them packed in this little spot.

Since many people walk past here on their way to the beach I always hope that the ones that need to have some flowers to cheer themselves up will help themselves (within reason, of course). I've already seen a few people do just that, and it does make me feel good that I can help brighten someone's day a bit.

So if you need some floral cheer, come on down and pick a few. They don't last forever. Soon they will pass and other wildflowers will take their place.

Amazing how much joy a $1.98 seed packet can bring.

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