Friday, April 16, 2010


I love walking through Schmitz Park, here above alki beach. It's a land of old growth trees, ferns,
a wonderful hilly and scenic trail network, and a creek down the middle.
This picture reminds me of my own roots to this park as a young child.
Our kindergarten class at Schmitz Park elementary took a field trip to and through it.

How do I sense the ground under me?
As long as we sense enough connection to our environment, we'll move through with a greater degree of comfort.

For every step we take with uncertaintanty tenses up our entire system, nervous, muscular, digestive, etc.

When the person is able to sense the ground under them,
how each part of the foot,
and the individual toes,
contacts its opposing surface.
The nervous system then gets a chance to settle down a bit.
The feeling of safety has increased.

The more you can sense as being there will broaden your options as you navigate the daily dance of life.
Most of us have settled on 1 or 2 ways of doing anything, our habits are set,
which works well enough when we're strong and healthy.

"having only one choice, and acting on it repeatedly, is compulsion. Two choices are an ultimatum. In the presence of three or more options is when we can be fully human."
- Moshé Feldenkrais

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