Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Finding support

Arches National Park, Utah. This place is on my agenda for the fall road-trip.

The fragile looking setup is held together by a capstone on top, taking the forces of both sides to allow them to remain standing.

A talk Moshé gave once, he talked of how the majority of relationships (personal, business, religious, etc.) are formed based on mutual insecurities of both parties. He described an arch as representative of these relationships. A strong structure. In the above picture the two sides have a better chance of standing up if they can mutually lean on something, each other.

If they were standing in a more erect fashion they probably could rely on their own mass and the forces of gravity to stand up.

When two parties have this relationship and one decides to stand up, the other partner has a choice to make.

Oh crap! I have to change!

Some of the options could be to stand up on their own, to fall down, or to hold onto the other one for dear life. I'm sure there are many other variations on a theme here.

One of the bylines I thought of using when first thinking of going online a couple years ago was...'Finding support, nurturing growth'. It was a nifty Flash page that had two hands come together, then a tree would rise out of the hands.

I was heavy into the support aspect of the lessons. Reeling from the loss of my beloved Yvonne and trying to find my ground, my support. I had to choose to stand up (to be that tree on the webpage template). Fortunately the Awarness through Movement® lessons I periodically taught myself helped me in this process. Now I'm a fledgling redwood tree... 8-)~

A question I often ask myself when feeling out of sorts is "where is my support?", or "how am I standing (sitting, lying)?"

For more on the Feldenkrais Method® you can go to:

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