Saturday, January 17, 2009

the F word

Invariably the conversation comes to the question of "what do you do for a living?"
How many ways can I describe what I do without uttering the official title?
Something about the mere utterance of the 'F' word sends normal brains into tailspins, trying to place it into a familiar box, to make some sense of it.
Among alternative titles, following are some of my favorites:
human advocate
wellness teacher
pest control consultant
self image consultant
Even as the name dance goes on, I'm still officially a feldenkrais teacher.
I did just recently give an entire lesson without ever uttering anything about what my professional title was. She was too busy having fun (and smiling a lot) learning how to make her legs light so she could lift them with less effort.
She just knew me as someone that was willing to engage in the play field of learning with her, to hopefully find an easier way to do something. Something that was mostly impossible for her.
She did have the Jan09 copy of the AARP magazine where I pointed her to an article which mentioned feldenkrais as very effective with chronic pain patients.
I said "in case you're wondering what it is that this was."
In case you're wondering about the 'F' word:

Erik LaSeur
Guild Certified Feldenkrais Teacher®

Awareness Through Movement® lessons (group) at:
West Seattle Wellness in the Alaska junction.

Every Tuesday:


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