Saturday, July 25, 2009

Don't shoot at cows

That was the biggest take-away from a BNI members orientation meeting I attended today.

The trainer had a fancy Powerpoint presentation where a bow & arrow and target appear on the screen. Then some cows appear on either side of the target.

The scenario is that you are blind-folded aimlessly shooting at cows instead of at a specific target.

This is a trap that we can fall into when putting our message out to the world.

Trying to cater to everyone at once instead of targeting a specific niche.

When we target a specific group in our marketing message people are more apt to see themselves or others they know that may need our services.

Lessons also often target specific functions/actions we do in everyday life. Spending time with one area, refining how we move and act, in our own personal classroom.

The quality of movement we learned from the lesson can then be applied to our other movements.

Becoming a whole human being...and not shooting at cows.


'What do you want to do?'


Erik LaSeur GCFT


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