Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanks giving

As another Thanksgiving came and went I reflected a lot on the things I'm thankful for.
My health, family, friends, and community are all wonderful things in my life.

What are you thankful for?

Daily moments of gratitude have been a part of my life the last few years. A time to reflect upon the things I'm thankful for.
These powerful times help build my resevoir of good that I can tap into when times aren't so smooth.

Take a moment and see what you can be thankful for today....and every day.

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wolfsburg said...

I've never really thought about Thanksgiving as something to be thankful about.

Like most of us, I would care to assume, I just thought it was another day. Get fat off turkey and a football game or two.

Last year was a big shock for me. This year was even bigger. From boot camp to the sandbox, most perspectives on thing change.

I'm thankful for the Rainy weather of Pacific Northwest. I never thought I would miss the gray and gloom of the winter weather. The snow days called because of a dusting of white powder.

Today, I'm thankful because my Thanksgiving tradition of Ham was fulfilled. Just a few days late.