Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Slouching deserves its day

We all have habits, and slouching is probably on everyone's list. But unfortunately most people would put it in the 'bad habit' column.

How is slouching good for us?

When we slouch we engage muscles that are useful for many functions in our daily lives (tying our shoes, wiping our ass, picking up something from the floor, dancing, sex, etc....).

To limit our use of those muscles by trying to be 'straight' (which is nearly impossible per this post: 'how straight do you want? April 11...) we then limit what actions we can take.

So if the poor kids in this picture really learn that it's bad to bend forward by rolling their pelvis back and rounding their backs, how will they learn to reach forward?

Usually when people talk about how bad slouching is they also add in that it's bad posture to do so.

So again I ask...what is good posture?

Most people would say it's when you are standing straight.
Okay, so can you have good posture while sitting? While laying down? How about rolling?

The definition of good posture or acture is when the forces of gravity are sustained by the skeletal system, leaving the muscles free for action. This is an active definition of posture as opposed to the static definition of standing still.
If you feel deep relief from a shoulder massage then you are using your muscles for stability and thus your posture is less than ideal.

By this definition you can slouch and have good posture.

If you want to find out how this is possible you can either read more at the guild website below or contact me.

Happy slouching!

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