Saturday, October 17, 2009

To the stars we rise

One of my favorite destinations is the Redwood forest in the coastal region of northern California.

These majestic old trees reach hundreds of feet up into the sky.

Because of the age and height these trees grow to the size of the trunks are large enough for a small car to drive through.

Being a somewhat stable being the large footprint is necessary for its survival.

As more mobile beings us humans rely upon a fairly small footprint. This too is for our survival. What we lack in size and strength we gain with dexterity and intelligence.

To rise to the occasion most effectively we must know how to use our skeleton to support ourselves in gravity.

Then our muscles will be free for action.

And we'll be able to rise toward the stars.

The studio is almost ready.

The floors are done and beautiful! Pics coming soon.

Feldenkrais in West Seattle

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