Saturday, January 1, 2011

Make it light, simple, and without force

As I welcome in the new year I like to have a guiding principle to keep me on track with my work and life.
I'll borrow from Moshé Feldenkrais:

"Make it light, simple, and without force."

The greatest learning comes from those words, whether it's how to move more elegantly, or how to focus on running the shop.
As a Norswegian I was brought up to do it the hard complex way, and bang the shit outta it to make it work.
My Feldenkrais training had me learning new ways, the simple ways that we all are capable of.

As I strategize for the coming year, how can I do it with lightness?
Laying the plans for success by being gentle with myself.
How can I keep it simple?
Our work as Feldenkrais teachers really is simple, one of creating connections within and without.
And working without forcing...
Be like water...
May your new year be one of lightness, simplicity, and gentleness.


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