Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Alki Moves makin the 'Blog' (WSB)

2011 has gotten off to an accelerated start:

the West Seattle community Feldenkrais clinic is roaring ahead into it's 6th month at the West Seattle Senior Center .
This is Seattle's only low-cost Feldenkrais clinic and a great (cheap) way to experience this method.

Group classes at Crysalis Center in Downtown Seattle are taking off, where I also now offer individual Functional Integration lessons too.

Along with my regular networking gigs at BNI and the West Seattle Chamber of Commerce, and other speaking engagements, I've increased my visibility in West Seattle by becoming an advertiser on the West Seattle Blog.

Now at least 10,000 a day get to see the word 'Feldenkrais' when they read 'the blog'.

It may take awhile, but the tide is turning

what's your dream?

Erik LaSeur GCFP

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