Monday, May 12, 2008

Fence building

Part of the fence I, with the help of my bro-in-law, built last Monday.
Have I ever built a fence before? No.

You'd laugh at the plans I drew up for this thing. They were completely in my head.
My boss at my day-gig where I've been handling the payroll for about 10,000 people is used to this from me.

This is a typical conversation between us...

boss-lady: Erik can you help me understand this such and such numbers problem?

Me: Sure, it's blah blah blah blah.

boss-lady: Cool....Do you have a written procedure for this?

Me: But it's in my head!

Such is how I make it through life.
There is a madness to my methods though. Having been profoundly deaf my whole life I've had to do things differently than most people.
I'm a visual and tactile person.

Auditory, not so much.
But with loss of one ability I've been blessed with others to pick up the slack.
One of the strategies we use in our lessons is that of visualization. For some people this can be very effective in learning new ways of moving and being in the world.
Many world-class athletes have been using visualization techniques for years to enhance their performances.
When we visualize ourselves doing the act the nervous system still sends signals to the muscular system. The muscles may not move, but they've received the instructions. So learning is still going on.
Whatever you plan to build, whether it be fences or castles in the sky, visualization is a potent technique that can help you get there.
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