Friday, November 13, 2009

Adventures in Feldenkrais: Public speaking

On the road of learning how to market my work, I've been focusing my energy on the face-to-face meeting.

I primarily choose this way over passive means because the words 'feldenkrais' 'Awarness through Movement' and 'Functional Integration' mean nothing to the vast majority of people (9 out of 10 in my rough estimation).

So I've been doing the 1 to 1 meetings in an attempt to make myself more visible.
Meeting people for an hour to talk and/or demonstrate what I do and how I work.

To speed things up I've become a member of my local BNI (Business Networking International) chapter.  I see this as a way of working on clarifying my message in front of larger groups.
Every thursday morning I meet with 35 other entrepreneurs and we all have a chance to talk for 45 seconds.
It's only 45 seconds, yet these are precious golden moments where I can craft a clear, compelling message to my audience.
How do you say what you do in 45 seconds or less.
Or as my business coach puts it:
Over the past 5 months I've been playing with my elevator speech at these weekly meetups. This has really upped my confidence level not only in marketing what I do, but also in my actual practice.
Feeling my support
and feeling confident in how I can use this support in a clear and compelling fashion.
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Erik LaSeur GCFT

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Ryan Nagy said...

Hi Erik - Good to see another Feldenkrais Practitioner out there blogging and using the web to grow a business. I like the picture of the space where you are teacing ATM. It looks very comfortable.

cheers! - Ryan
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Erik said...

Thank you Ryan.
Writing and speaking about what I do seems to be the most effective way of becoming more visible.
The AlkiMoves studio is only 2 blocks from the beach too.