Wednesday, November 4, 2009

AlkiMoves Open House

The dust has settled (mostly).

Last night I picked up my electric fireplace insert from ConWay shipping in Renton. Swiftly drove it back to Alki where I installed it into my fireplace.

The bathroom is almost ready.

The studio part of AlkiMoves is ready to show off to the public.

I definitely see why project managers get paid so much.
Having to attend to every detail that comes up when undertaking a renovation and subsequent opening by a set date can be nerve-racking.

The calming part of the whole thing is that I know it will never be totally ready and conversely it's always ready.

So, if you're in the hood (Alki) tomorrow night (Thursday November 5th) from 6:00 - 9:00pm, drop on by to check out the only feldenkrais studio in West Seattle.

AlkiMoves Feldenkrais Center
6023 SW Admiral Way
Seattle, WA 98116
Erik LaSeur GCFT
Guild Certified Feldenkrais Teacher

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