Monday, April 21, 2008

Can I keep it?

Last weekend we had our first taste of real warmth, it got up to 78 here at the beach.

So one of the remnants I found on my (okay, it's really all of ours) sidewalk was this hat-------->

I really don't want the hat and am hoping whoever lost this hat comes and gets it...>


It's on the fence...............................___>>>>>>>

Can we keep what we learn?

I hear this question from students "how can I keep this position?" after a lesson. With new attention comes the want not to slip back to our old habits. And long have you had the old ones?

"I'm not after flexible bodies, rather flexible minds." moshe feldenkrais.

One thing I've learned on my journey is a greater ease and ability in changing deal with change.

Okay, so what does changing the body have to do with the mind?

Usually when we're spinning our day's travails through our mind we're only using our head at best. Our brain is more than our head. Wherever a nerve impulse is possible we can consider that the brain too. How often do you catch yourself thinking with your head only?

Self image is the image (picture or actor or alter-ego) you employ in your every day life. What part of you do you know is here?

The more in touch with who we really are, physically and mentally, the more whole our existence can be. To life!

But back to the original question. Yes, you can keep new, more efficient patterns. It takes time, and many different approximations before it's yours. Only remember that it's not about keeping anything....okay!

For more on the Feldenkrais Method® you can go to:

Erik LaSeur

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