Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Rocky terrain

Various rocks amongst the weeds in my backyard sunroom. The flat river rocks on the left can and have been used for hot stone massage.

We live in a flat world, modern society has done it's best so that every surface we walk on is flat. This has helped us to be more efficient in our movements whether by foot or wheel. A downside to keeping our experience flat is that it limits our options on what we can do or at least what we perceive we can do.

Correct posture or acture is one of a fluid experience rather than a static one. We have our self-concepts of what standing or walking with good posture is, but does this also include while on rocky terrain?

In our lessons we're looking for what we can learn to make our life easier and more enjoyable. And if we can learn to have the same sense of stability in an uneven world it makes life in the flat world that much better.

Take a walk on rocks (small ones, medium ones, sure....even big ones). Feel how your feet interact with the rocks. Notice what parts of yourself (pelvis, ribs, your breath, etc.) are used, or not used when moving over this uneven surface.

I find that walking on rocks helps me function in the flat world with much greater ease. So rock on!

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