Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hedge row

It was nice to get the hedge trimmed this past weekend. I'm sure in a month or so it'll be having it's wild parts again.

So with great anticipation I watched King5's 'Learning to Learn' special. And I was let down. All these great scientists got together to decide that babies learn from day1....."Noooo, you've got to be kidding!"

Okay, I'll give that one to them. Not everyone is up to date on their child development theories. Just in case you'd like some good reading on this try:

by Joseph Chilton Pearce

Where I think the ideas went sour was the emphasis on intellectual learning for infants. Not that exposing them to new ideas is bad but the very nature of setting goals for your baby sets them up for the achievement game. Learning is thwarted when achievement enters into the equation. The child eager to please his parents by doing physical acts he's unprepared for (walk, stand), will put aside the process (unfortunately forever) for the short term joy.

I was recently reading another blogger who had concerns their child wasn't reading yet. Should we see a speech person? What was their real question?

Babies and infants are in a very rich learning environment where they're teaching themselves everything they need to survive in this new world. This learning place involves much discovery and creativity, there are also no time constraints, nor blue ribbons.

The satisfaction comes from learning to be whole beings.

Sourdough Slim has no trouble:


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