Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Not anatomically correct

I never thought I'd be displaying original art on this site, especially on my second post.

But here goes:
These are probably the best stick figures I've ever done. I'd starve as a visual artist!

As you've probably figured out, the above figures represent different ways of picking up or setting down an object. Or maybe it's a new dance craze? Doing the 'box'.

Figure b is the classic locking the knees, bending at the waist, road to slipped discs and nerve pain.

To counter this, the 'save the back' proponents have come up with an alternative.
Figure c. Keep the back straight (in a vertical sense), bending the knees and conversely powering the quads through the knees on the accent.

Now that we're saving the back, we're killing the knees.

Is there another alternative?

The Duwamish train bridge to the left is a good example of an alternative.

The counter-balance.

As the the land based portion of the bridge starts moving to the right the roadway portion of the bridge starts moving to the left.
Over a common base the bridge is dispersing the forces in opposite directions, thus creating a condition where little effort is needed to carry out the action.

Figures d and e illustrate the counter-balance move related to lifting and setting a box down.

The movement initiates as the pelvis makes a small movement backwards and upwards. Weight goes backward (that'd be your butt) allowing weight to go forward (box, upper body, head).

This movement can be done, lowering of the box to the floor, without unneccesary stressing of the back or the knees.

A good way to test whether effort comes into the movement is to notice when/if the breathe becomes held.

Of course, the above can most easily be learned once you understand the underlying habits in the movement. If you don't know what you do, change is difficult.

For more on the Feldenkrais Method you can visit:

Erik LaSeur
Guild certified Feldenkrais Teacher

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