Monday, December 13, 2010


This is Day 13 of the #reverb10 writing project

Today's word is: Action

December 13 – Action
When it comes to aspirations, it’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen. What’s your next step? (Author: Scott Belsky)

My next step is to meet my next prospect with the attitude of service.
How can what I do, benefit them?

I go to many networking functions on a weekly basis, BNI, the WS chamber, parties, and other open houses...
always looking to meet new people, and nourish the existing relationships,
to grow the fields o' winter wheat.

How can I help make your life more enjoyable, cut the tinge of pain, and replace with a zing for pleasure.

so, the next step is like the last, and will be like the following.
Moving along to increase the flow...

This is what action looks like.
Looks the same
yet it's changed.


improve your movement
improve your life

1 comment:

divamover said...

Thank you, Eric.
I'm reminded of Moshe's definition of what makes a successful lesson: to allow the student to discover their next available action. Looks like you have many choices in a "target-rich environment" for YOUR next available action.
Best of luck, my friend. You're gonna rock 2011!